Amagermuseet Efterårsferien



The Breath of History

Find peace and quiet on a stroll in the Old Town and the Old Harbor, the town's many museums - Amager Museum, Dragør Museum and Denmark’s Pilot Museum - or visit the two fortresses: Dragør Fortress and Kongelunden Fortress, both part of Copenhagen's fortification.

Dragør - The Old Town

With its narrow streets and low houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, the town center is one of the best preserved cities in Denmark. The Old Town has 76 listed properties as well as 5 on the harbor, which is the largest concentration of listed properties in a small town in Denmark.

Store Magleby – The Dutch Village

St Magleby has a unique and different history. In the 1500s it was colonized by Dutch farmers.

The Old Houses on the Harbor

The port of Dragør has been the hub of countless maritime activities since the Middle Ages

Dragør Old Port

Back in history, Dragør Harbor has been one of the most important maritime cities in Denm

The Quaint Places

Moving into the corners of Dragør Harbor you can experience something different – the open spaces of Øresund, a visit to the local fishermen in their ...

The museums in Dragør

There are many opportunities to dive into the history of Dragør and St. Magleby.


Many cultural and artistic events take place in Dragør

Annual events

All year round, Dragør offers activities and large and small experiences.

Beautiful Scenery Close to Town and Harbor

Wildlife begins just south of the harbor and the old town: Here is the eastern entrance to Nature Park Amager with protected meadows, rich bird life, good viewpoints and Kongelunden Forest.

Nature Park Amager

Here you can read about the experiences awaiting you in the Dragør part of Nature Park Amager

Sydstranden – The South Beach

The South Beach, a protected area beginning just south of Dragør Harbor, covers 5 km of lakes, wetlands, meadows, fields, and many paths for walkers and bikers.

What you can experience

Whatever the weather, if you are young or old, there are many experiences awaiting for you in Dragør,

Nine experiences for children

Orientation races, ducks, geese and chickens, a real fort with good views, playground and crab bridge, live activities in the museums, a kid-friendly beach - and of course an ice cream to end the day with.

Activities for children and adults

With the large nature areas and the water around Dragør it is easy to find room for activity.

Tour Suggestions

Nice activities in and close to Dragør.


Crafts, jewelry, gifts. There are plenty of good shops for the discerning shopper in Dragør.

Eat & Drink

There is a view and atmosphere when dining in the historic environment of central Dragør.