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Culture and “Hygge”

Dragør Old Town and the village of Store Magleby are two of Denmark's best-preserved village environments - you'll find both at Amager's southern tip.

Dragør Old Town is located by the active harbor and close to beach meadows, fields and woods. You can thus experience culture, history and nature in combination with shopping, museum and restaurant visits - just 12 km from downtown Copenhagen.


Discover the historic and beautiful Dragør. Visit museums, centuries-old buildings, the old harbor, or the beautiful scenery of southern Amager with Kongelunden Forest, Kofoed's Meadows and the beach.

Annual events

All year round, Dragør offers activities and large and small experiences.


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Nice activities in and close to Dragør.


Many cultural and artistic events take place in Dragør

Dragør - The Old Town

With its narrow streets and low houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, the town center is one of the best preserved cities in Denmark. The Old Town has 76 listed properties as well as 5 on the harbor, which is the largest concentration of listed properties in a small town in Denmark.

The Old Houses on the Harbor

The port of Dragør has been the hub of countless maritime activities since the Middle Ages

Store Magleby – The Dutch Village

St Magleby has a unique and different history. In the 1500s it was colonized by Dutch farmers.

Experiences for kids

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