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Nature Park Amager

Here you can read about the experiences awaiting you in the Dragør part of Nature Park Amager

The nature areas of Amager are a continuous area - an area of a total of 3,500 hectares of forest, marsh, beaches, beach meadows, overgrazing, pipe forest, lakes and canals facing the low-lying sea areas around Amager.

Amager Nature Park has been awarded the Danish Outdoor Parks' labeling scheme 'Danske Naturparker'. The park is special because it is urban and large: Larger than the Zoo (1,000 ha) and Central Park in New York (350 ha).

The easternmost point of the nature park is just south of Dragør Harbor on the protected beach meadows, and from here you can follow the nature park almost all the way along the protected coast to Kongelund Fortress and Kongelunden before reaching Kalvebod Common.

South Beach

The easternmost point of the Natura Park

Amager Nature Park begins just south of Dragør harbor. 

Almost 20 percent of Dragør's area consists of beach meadows. The largest contiguous area of beach meadows begins immediately south of Dragør Harbor - South Beach - all beach meadows in Dragør Municipality are protected.


Magnificent views and unique bird life

The south-west point lies south of the forest 'Kongelunden', at the end of Kalvebodvej, and contains, among other things, the bird sanctuary Kofoed's meadows. From Kongelunden Fortress at the southwest corner, you have a fantastic view of both Kofoed's meadows and 'Aflandshage' - Amager's southernmost point - to which there is no access, as it is a military area. You can also get quite close to the birds in the Bird Tower by the Pheasant Path, which is east of the Aflandshage.

'Kongelunden' - Kings Forest

The forest can be experienced on foot, on horseback and by bicycle

The Kings Forest Kongelunden, which today is approximately 2 square kilometers in size, was planted at the beginning of the 19th century when firewood was in short supply. It consists mostly of oak trees, which gives way to a lush undergrowth of different types of shrubs and good protection of wildlife.

More experiences in the nature park

Amager Nature park by bike

The perfect way to experience Amager Nature Park is by cycling. Bike Route 80 takes you through the nature park in the Dragør section. One of the little gems you pass right by is the bird tower west of Søvang.