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A stay in the port of Dragør, is simultaneously a stay near the capital Copenhagen. Dragor has good public transport to and from Copenhagen. By Bus it takes only 45 minutes and you will reach Kongens Nytorv, close to Nyhavn and Stroeget, or the Central Station and Tivoli.


Dragør harbor is in connection with Dragør City, which is a cozy old town with all modern facilities. There are plenty of opportunities for nature experiences in the nearby beach and meadow area.

Dragør's location also allows for excursions into the big city with everything it entails. There are good public transport links to the center of Copenhagen with departure approx. every 10 minutes. Transport time approx. 45 minutes.

The port is owned by Dragør municipality and consists of a number of basins, which in the direction from E. to W. are as follows:

  • Former Ferry Port,
  • Old Port: Outer Basin, Inner Basin and Fishing Harbor Basin with shared entrance.
  • The outer Basin and the inner Basin function as a combined commercial and marina with a number of fixed places for pleasure craft.
  • Between the Ferry Port and Dragør Fort, the marina with its own entrance is immediately N of the fort. A 300 m long and 30 m wide channel leads to Dragør marina.

Harbor Charges

Paid either in the vending machine at the port office, at the same time as you can buy a Chipcard for the El stands, the toilet buildings and the use of the tow site, or at the port office during office hours. The self-adhesive receipt you receive from the vending machine must be attached to the rails on the boat for which the port fee is paid.

The Depth

In the entrance to the Old Harbor is 3.5 m and in the harbor up to 3.5 m. The depth in the gutter to the Marina is 2.5 m.


As a result of sanding, etc. the mark in the entrance to the marina is moved as the water changes.

Largest ships

that can navigate the harbor: Length 45 m width 10 m and draft 3.0 m.

Water level

The difference between mean high tide and medium tide is approx. 0.6 m. NE storm can give up to 1.4 m high tide and SE storm until 1.0 m low tide. (see current water level - click here.)


must be done at moderate speed. See also CARDING CARD.

Speed ​​limitation 3 knots.

Pilots at the harbor.


The marking in the entrance to the Marina is laid out in the period 1 / 4-15 / 11.


Burning time for the lighthouses at the marina entrance: 1 / 4-15 / 11.


Between the pier heads in Old Harbor.


Electricity and water on all bridges. Gasoline 500 m. Diesel from stand on pontoon bridge in the former ferry port. Shipyard bedding (20 tons) tug, blacksmith and mechanic. Diving Assistance. A 2 ton electric crane. A laundromat in the marina that is operated using the port card you buy in the port's vending machine. There is free WI FI throughout the harbor. The password is on the receipt for paid port fee.

More information

Harbor Office
Harbor Office
Dragør Authorized Tourist Office
Dragør Authorized Tourist Office