Annual events

Photo: Dragør Turistråd

All year round, Dragør offers activities and big and small experiences: the traditional Shrovetide Feast, Dragør Market in the early summer, Herring Day, The Art Festival and Pilot’s Day in the summer, activities in the autumn holidays and our cozy Christmas Market. Welcome to Dragør.


An intense evening where life buzzes at the port of Dragør or at one of the many other campfires along the coast.

Shrovetide Feast

Shrovetide Feast is an old tradition and a great feast in Dragør and Store Magleby in southern Amager, and it is celebrated on both Shrove Sunday and Shrove Monday.

Christmas in Dragør

You will find the good old-fashioned Christmas atmosphere in Dragør. We think that was why DR chose Dragør as the backdrop for the Time Travel, which was the popular Christmas calendar in 2014.

Autumn holiday in Dragør

When it calls for an autumn holiday, both cultural and nature experiences await in Dragør. Not least for children and childish souls.