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Stalks Space

A Stalks Place denotes the area where fishermen hang their fishing nets on stalks (piles) for drying and purification, and where fish are hung for drying.

South of the Pilot Tower you will find the Stalks Place, which looks like a pile of woods - this is where the fishermen in Dragør have hung their nets on the steeples - the piles - to dry and repair them.

Once the yarns were repaired, they were cooked in tar in a large bark kettle to make them more resilient. The bark can still be seen south of the steep pitch. Afterwards, the yarns had to dry again on the steep rows.

There are photos from around 1900 showing the Stalks Place in use - at that time 45 fishing vessels were registered in Dragør - today they are still fishing from Dragør, and the Stalks Place is in use from time to time.