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Nyvang Garden

The garden is 5,000m2 and landscaped with a large lawn where the many beds and gardens are scattered like islands that emerge from the sea. In the garden rooms different themes and styles prevail.

There are lots of exciting details and the rooms are small and cozy and the ideas can immediately be transferred to an ordinary detached house garden. Try to follow the many small paths around and experience the garden from several different angles.

The lake draws, but there are many other experiences around every corner: follow the gravel paths, grass paths, bark chips paths and the pebbles around the beds and through them.

Also use the many seating areas to stop and enjoy the impressions. For example, take a walk in the moonlight garden, the fragrance garden, the herb garden, the arrow garden, the shadow garden, the forest, the grandmother's garden, the granite garden, the Japanese garden and much more.