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Kofoeds Meadows

Kofoed's Meadows are part of the Amager Wildlife Sanctuary, which also consists of Kalvebod Common, Aflandshage and the territorial sea from Sjællandsbroen to Dragør. Amager Wildlife Reserve is special in that no other reserves in Denmark are so close to urban areas. The reserve contains particularly valuable nature and is therefore part of the EU protection program Natura 2000.

At Kofoed's Meadows you can find birds in a row - both when they fly south in the autumn and when they fly north again in the spring - and it is a breeding ground for several bird species that you seek to protect: pipe drum, pipe hawk, spotted pipe quail, clay , engryle, the oats, the dwarves and the marsh owl. If you are lucky, you can see both osprey and falcon by Kofoed meadows.

As a guest you can always walk along the fence towards Kongelund Fortress - it marks the boundary between the beach meadow and the ice age old moraine landscape, which is now fields. Dogs should always be kept on a leash. During the breeding season - April 1 to July 15 - do not move away from the dry area along the fence, with or without a dog. Be careful even during the breeding season - many birds hide in the wet low-lying areas. Bathing on the beach in front of Kofoed's Meadows is prohibited.

You have a beautiful view over Kofoeds Meadows from the Kongelund Fort, where there is free access during the day.