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Engparkens Bakery

At Engparkens Bakery in Dragør you will find many different, tasty varieties of delicious bread.

We have a large selection of different types of bread every day, always freshly baked. You'll find everything from soft, light French breads and rolls to delicious crispy Italian breads to coarse, high-fiber rye bread.

Bread baked from scratch

We always have the bread for the breakfast table, lunch table, packed lunch and dinner.

All our breads are baked according to old, traditional traditions and are packed with the best ingredients. We bake all our bread from scratch because it gives the best and most delicious result.

Freshly Sandwiched Sandwiches for Lunch Our bakery offers freshly sandwiched sandwiches every day for lunch or a picnic in the green. Look past our store in Dragør - we open the doors at 6am Tuesday to Sunday and guarantee that all our bread is always fresh and tasty.