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Autumn at The Danish Pilotage Museum

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The Danish Pilotage Museum is located in the old pilot station at Dragør Harbor and is preserved as it looked in 1984. At the museum you can see how the pilots worked for a time without computers, mobile phones and GPS equipment. You can also try to navigate a ship on a simulator.

The children can take part in the fun educational treasure hunt and the adults can try their knowledge by a more advanced quiz. The museum also houses a small maritime museum shop.

The museum presents an exciting exhibition, The Everyday Life, which is based on the pilot Pehr Mark Olsen's working life from 1960 to 1983. There are also film clips and photos. The piloting at sea has always been risky and even today, accidents can happen when the pilot has to climb aboard the large freighters in high sea.

The museum is within walking distance to the Dragør Museum.